Furniture Trends to Incorporate Into Your Home

The furniture you use can say a lot about who you are, and it can also completely change the feel and shape of a room. Stylish and trendy furniture doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive – we’ve found wonderful pieces everywhere from thrift stores to local galleries and everywhere in between. Here are some of the furniture trends we’ve been seeing for home remodeling in Saint Louis, our hometown. You can easily combine these trend pieces with your existing ones to create a unique space that’s all your own.

Modern Statement Chandeliers

These chandeliers aren’t what you’d typically think of when you hear the words ‘hanging lights’. Recently, we’ve been seeing a variety of pieces that incorporate bold metals, sharp lines, and unique bulb shapes to create a look that is very structural and will stand out in any room. Many of these modern chandeliers also use sustainable materials and LED bulbs to reduce their negative impact on the environment. When paired with a more traditional room, these statement chandeliers create a wonderful balance and contrast.

Furry Chairs and Pillows

The 1970’s are coming back in a big way this season, and one of the biggest trends in decor is the furry accent, whether it’s a pillow, blanket, or even a whole chair. The faux fur look is very welcoming and can make a room of sharp accents and clean lines look much more warm and inviting. Although this trend is bold, it’s an easy way to step out of your comfort zone, and it looks great with everything from rustic woodsy tones to clean, modern lines.

Marble Tables and Trays

The marble obsession of the past few years is officially here to stay. Marble is the perfect way to make your space look more luxe, and it brings traditional style into 2017 without being too over-the-top. Small marble side tables look great in living spaces, while marble trays add a nice accent to any room and give you some extra storage to boot. See the marble countertops here – it’s the best kitchen alteration St Louis. Pair marble with brass, rose gold, or copper to look even more stunning.

Velvet Couches

This is another way that the ‘70s is making a big impact on modern style. Velvet couches may seem like an uber-bold statement, but they actually pair wonderfully with more subtle pieces to create a very classy vibe in any living room. Jewel toned velvets, such as burgundy, navy, and eggplant look particularly wonderful, and they add the perfect pop to a space full of neutrals.

Oversized Corkboards

Cork is one of the trendiest materials for this year, with many people using it as a twist on the traditional bulletin board. A great way to update your office is by installing an oversized corkboard to display important documents, as well as inspirational photos and other things you love. Many people are also going for desks and side tables made of cork, or even installing whole walls of this material. Although it’s bold, it has an earthy finish that’s very appealing when combined with sleeker textures.

Geometric Rugs

Whether you love your neutrals or prefer something a bit bolder, you can find a variation of this trend to incorporate into your home. An interesting rug with a geometric pattern is one of the easiest ways to glam up a wood or tile floor (and make it more comfortable in the cold winter months). Chevron patterns are particularly popular right now, but there are tons of different options to choose from to fit your style.

 There’s an increased focus right now on artisanal products, so you’ll likely be seeing a variety of different accent pieces with handcrafted touches. One of the most popular right now is woven baskets, which are one of the best ways to store anything from spare magazines to your kid’s toys in a stylish way. You can find plain ones or ones with unique patterns to fit your personal style.

No matter which furniture trends you decide to incorporate into your home this year, there’s an increased focus on personal expression and vibrancy in decor right now. Focus on things that make you happy, and you’ll be sure to create a space that truly fits your personality and is on trend as well.

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