About Us

We are an exhibition showing off the latest home decor trends from around the world. We bring together the best work from both prominent designers and up-and-coming brands to give you a full picture of all the offerings available to you. Our exhibition focuses on both style and function, and our goal is to help you incorporate trends into your home in a way that is relevant to your lifestyle. You’ll also find a range of price points, so no matter your budget for decor, you can find pieces that you love.

Our founders are interior designers who are passionate about home decor, and found that they didn’t have an easy way to browse trendy yet functional pieces for their clients. They wanted to create a venue that would bring together a variety of different options for both professionals and avid amateur decorators to browse. They also wanted to showcase works from the best designers out there, whether they were already notable in the industry or just getting their start. With this idea in mind, the Ennisbrown House exhibition was born and continues today. We host several live exhibitions throughout the United States each year, and we also have an online exhibition where you can browse a select collection of the decor available.

Here on our site, you’ll find a variety of content aimed at helping you choose the best decor for your home. We believe you don’t need to be a professional to appreciate great decor – anyone can develop sophisticated taste and find wonderful pieces. You’ll find blog posts and other content published several times per month on these topics. We also encourage you to follow us on our social media page for updates and behind the scenes content. We post exclusive daily content there specifically for our followers.